The Whisky Agency Glenlossie 35 Year (1975)

Scotch Whisky Review #426: The Whisky Agency Glenlossie 35 Year (1975)

Distillery: Glenlossie.

Bottler: The Whisky Agency.

Region: Speyside.

Age: 35 Year. Distilled in 1975. Bottles in 2011.

ABV: 52.0%.

Cask Type: Ex-Bourbon Hogshead.

Color: 1.3, Russet/Muscat.

Nose: Mostly fruity with a bit of a vegetal twist. Green apples and star fruits are the first fruity notes up. Green tomatillos come in afterwards giving a bit of the vegetable flair. Some tarter notes come through as well which remind me of lime flavored Mexican fruit bars and sour apple hard candies.

Palate: Similar the the nose it is bright, tart, and fruity. The lime paletas are up front. Something that reminded me of the Mojito-flavored 7Up

I had in France (please bring this to the US…its so good!) comes along afterwards giving it a fresh, minty flavor to go with the lime. Sour apple hard candies wrap things up.

Finish: Fairly long. You get a tart limeade to start with, following the lime notes from the nose and finish. It gives way to a vanilla ice cream (a really good one too). That vanilla note overpowers everything else quickly and lasts for a long, long time.

Conclusion: I’ve only had one other Glenlossie, a red-wine barrique finished SMWS number I hadn’t cared for, so I had no idea what to expect in the slightest. I can’t say I’ve had a whisky that has driven home so many lime notes before but all of them were right up my alley. Lime paletas and Mojito 7up? Sign me up. Still, this did come across as fairly one dimensional and I’m left wishing there was a little more going on. Not bad but certainly not worth the price tag.

Final Score: 84.

Scotch Whisky Review #426, Speyside Review #157, Whisky Network Review #580

Scoring Legend:

  • 96-100: The perfect dram, nectar of the gods.
  • 90-95: Near perfect, there is something truly special about this whisky and I will always try to keep a bottle of this in my collection if feasible.
  • 85-89: Very good to amazing, almost the complete product and I’m likely wanting a bottle or two.
  • 80-84: Quite good, pleasant overall though there is usually a few things that could be improved still.
  • 75-79: Good, enjoyable to drink but ultimately flawed.
  • 70-74: Alright, solid and wouldn’t go out of my way to get it.
  • 60-69: Meh, still drinkable.
  • Below 59: If you have a bottle of this, start cooking with it instead.

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