Sanders Marylebone Chelsea Boot in Snuff Suede

Grabbed this pair on sale over at AFinePairOfShoes. I’d been in the market for a pair of Chelsea boots for the longest time. There isn’t a whole lot on Sanders’ shoes on here so I was a little nervous but the price was pretty hard to walk away from.

The color on the suede is gorgeous and there are a few little details that I really enjoy. The leather is super comfortable, I don’t think it’ll take much to break these in.

I normally wear a US 11 and these at a UK 10 fit wonderfully.

Note that the light coloring at the heel is not really that pronounced. It is a little bit lighter there than the rest of the shoe though. More noticeable is the slight inconsistency in coloring on along the welt/edges of the sole which is not a huge deal but still a bit disappointing.

Another view of the shoes. Welt isn’t the smallest but it isn’t super clunky either. I don’t have a picture of it but the strap looks like it goes down all the way to the heel and feels sturdy enough.

Quality wise, the stitching looks very good and solid. There are a few minor inconsistencies, which are mildly disappointing, but not a huge deal. I would say these seem to be just below Allen Edmonds in terms of quality. We’ll see how the hold up but I’m pretty optimistic.

Overall, I’m extremely pleased. At a full retail price of ~$280, I might think twice but for <$200, they are hard to beat.

Originally reviewed Nov. 03, 2017.

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